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Jul 1, 2007
Southwest Virginia
Has anyone completly removed their ABS yet? Mine seems to be having some problems and the ABS is starting to engage on normal stops (complete with pulsating pedel) I am really not interested in replacing the unit unless I have too, I would much rather create some sort of manifold to replace the ABS unit.

Anyone done it?
I had that problem, it went away when I cleaned my ABS sensors. There was a buildup of metal shavings, one had a small washer stuck to it. I think the metal makes the sensor detect the wheel as stopped. When you're braking, the "stopped" wheel is ignored as it's speed is too far from the others. When the other three wheels get close enough to the same speed as the "stopped" wheel, the ABS computer decides it's sliding and tries to release the caliper.

I like ABS if it's a decent system, some of the old ones were poo. I just bought a fairly new car, and while shopping was surprised to see they're still making cars without ABS.
You can disable it by removing the sensors, "clipping" the little tabs off the ends of the sensors, and putting the sensors back in.

You can then just remove the fuse... BUT if you want the light to go out you need to physically remove the ABS bulb from the console. I've done all of the above. I prefer not having ABS.

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