Record Mi for PHH?

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
Do I have the record 305,000 mi? I hope so, so I can replace it.
Went wheeling yesterday and ran into a jeep that had a hole in the rad and was out of water.
That got me thinking, "if my PHH goes it will be a long walk to get water"
I better get at my PHH tomorrow.
I think you do. I changed out my brother in law's for him at just under 300k if I recall correctly. I may never know unless I posted it here, 'cause I started a log for him but he misplaced it.....

Can't verify for sure since I have no previous records, but from the looks of mine I have 340,000 on the original. Came with about 2 qts. of sludge in the pan, no air filter, soupy axles, original spark plug wires wrapped in electrical tape, etc. at 294,000 so I can't see that being done.
Getting ready to replace it with maybe the fewest miles :lol::lol: 96,000 miles and change. You guys are very bad for my weekends...always got a little sumptin' I want to work on
as far as I know, yes. leaks a little on the back, not enough to hit the ground though. probably a record on that.
landtoy, Pitco offroad did mine recently for $125 (including materials):eek: here in the Aspen area. That would be well worth the drive. Of course, there was a lot of swearing on his part, and I'm not sure that he would honor that price for others.:lol:
Stick a digital camera in the wheel well and take a picture or two of your PHH. Post them here and we'll be able to tell you pretty quick if it is the original one.
Best strategy on the PHH is to get aggressive right away with it, rather than the typical ramping up as each attempt to get the clamp off fails. Just remove the descending pipe's upper screw, take a knife and cut the hose between the pipe and block so you can move the pipe away. Then have a couple needle nose and angled pliers on hand to yank it off. People tend to over think this one and be skilled mechanics when it's best to just go for the gusto.


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