Recommendation on vacuum hoses

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Nov 14, 2014
Im mid way through replacing my head gasket on my 97 and a couple of the hoses were in bad shape. One was hard as a rock and cracked open the minute I pulled it off, the second already had a hole in the side that the previous owner just put tape and the clamp on. I have already replace the radiator hoses, but having a hard time finding an online source for these two. Should I just hit up toyota and sell them my kidney to pay for the parts? Excuse my awesome art work but the red lines roughly over the hoses are two I am referencing. Part number A 7603 and A 7602. Im new to LC 80s and wrenching in general, Im learning as I go. I appreciate your time and efforts.


Toyota Part Number: 12262-66021

Toyota Part Number: 12261-66021

Ventilation Hose 1.PNG
Ventilation Hose.PNG
call cdan or beno or go to local dealer and ask them to match/give a club discount. (know your part numbers you need though cuz they wont have a clue...).
I'd pm Beno or Dan...... at least for the non-straight hose, but even those were cheaper enough and you likely need other stuff.......

likewise mine all looked okay until I started removing them....

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