Recomend me some shocks

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Jul 23, 2006
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I was hoping to put a small lift on my 98 4runner by the time the shocks needed replacing, but it's not in the I just need some smooooth riding shocks that will stop jarring my teeth out. :) What recomendations do yall have?
I am going with 5100 Bilstiens on my '04 Taco. OMEs are another good choice.
I have some used Tokico blues that may fit your bill. 114K miles from a Tacoma owner.

If you want smooth ride just some new Tokicos might work just fine for just more money.

Bilstein HDs would work fine also. I believe those still come with a lifetime warranty. Shock Warehouse had decent prices last time I was looking years ago.
0601 TRD rims tires skid plates Tokicos 016.jpg
Although, not a lift shock, I have some new (<1000 miles) factory shocks from my 97 4runner I can make a deal on. I put a lift on my truck shortly after I put them on.
Any of the above are good choices. I like Bilsteins on Toyotas. By the way, you can get the 5100 series in an adjustable height model. Then you get new front struts AND a lift kit all in one! Check this link for the details. It has an application guide on the left side of your screen.
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Ditto on the Bilsteins. The 5100's are great. Relatively inexpesive and ride great.

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