Rear Shock Placement

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Feb 4, 2008
Sebec, Maine
On my rig I have two sets of lower shock studs. One set located just behind the differential axle housings and one set on the bottom plate
of the axle u-bolts. Which site is the best, please include pros and cons. Thanx
You can run a longer shock with the ones on the bottom, but, then they are more prone to get hit by rocks. The possibility of hitting a rock with them though since they are close to the wheel is pretty slim.

It also will depend on how far out they are. The more angle on the shocks, the less they will rebound. You see many crawler type rigs with angled shocks. For street use, you want perpendicular shock placement (in relation to the axle). A few degree off 90 degree placement is the best though.

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