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Nov 17, 2006
I'm building a rear swing out rack, that can carry a tire, two cans, 60" Hilift, a shovel, and an axe...

The bottom rail which will be come my bumper is 2X4 X3/16 square tube...the rack will hang off a hinge I got from Iron Pig, and will be either square or round tube...any comments as to what to use? I realize round is lighter, but square seems easier to layout and cut...any comments would be appreciated...
If I'm not mistaken, IPOR recommends 2x3.
I'm waiting for fed-ex to show up so I can start mine..
I'm making the member attached to the hinge 2X3, but then what do i make the actual tire rack and gas can rack...I've seen both round and square tube....
I do not use the swing out hinge you are going to be using but this might help for some design ideas. Here is a pic of mine it carries the two cans, spare, hi-lift and shovel. The hi-lift and shovel mount behind the tire and cans. The are still easy and fast to get to when needed. I currently have the rig taken apart to complete my new cage which I should have done and finished up this weekend. Once I have it back together I will be happy to show you more pics if you wish.
rear rack.JPG
I am almost done with the same setup you are using. 2x4 (3/16) with the same hinge from iron pig. I used 2x2 square tubing that was 3/16" thick and it worked out perfect. It is not on the rig yet, but it fits on the hinge and made attaching the actual tire carrier part a lot easier ( square cuts vs. a coped end).
the tire carrier itselft is 2x2 1/8" with a 3/16 plate to bolt the rim up to.

What are you going to use for lights?

I want to keep the 2x4 tube as solid as I can, but the factory lights are too thick to fit. I thought about getting LED lights, but a 2x6" STT light is the largest I can find. I also thought about fabbing up a 1/2" spacer to attach to the bumper then bolt the tail lights up to that?

Any ideas....hijack complete

I was going with the spacer idea on the lights, so I didn't have to cut into the back of the 2X4, although looking at it again, I'm bolting the 2X4 to the original bumper, with 12 1/2 inch nuclear grade bolts, so even if I cut the front and back of the 2 X4 for the lights, it will still be boxed, and bolted on the section outside the lights, so the hinge should be adequately supported. I was concerned about the weight diff between square and round tube, and the aesthetics of it. I like the round better, but it is so much easier to work with square...I will post as i go...

Diemos, your rig look sgood, but wityhout the hinge, how do you access the back? I run with a full top and ambulance doors all winter, so i need the access...

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