Rear Main Leaking

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Apr 16, 2011
Billings, Mt
My rear main has been leaking and it is about time for it to stop leaving spots in my driveway. I am just wondering if it is going to be easier to pull the engine, or drop the tranny/transfer case?

If I do pull the engine, should I go through it with 205K on the ticker?
You sure it's the main leaking and not the oil pan gasket? If it is the main, I think it would be easier to drop the transmission. If I was pulling the engine out it would be getting re-built, or at the very least replace all gaskets.
Was planning on bearings and gaskets if I pull it out. It could be a pan gasket I suppose.
I think pulling the trans and transfer is easier than the engine( I've just got done pulling both jobs recently), as there are a lot less connections to be made. I think first you should check PCV valve and hose for obstruction, make sure vacuum leaks are not present, and clean the area really well to determine exactly where the leak is. A vacuum leak can help cause leaks in otherwise good gaskets. Nobody wants to pull a trans to find a seal that didn't need to be replaced.
All the vacuum hoses and the pcv system is good!

I'm thinking I'm gonna pull the engine so I can regasket the entire thing and throw some new bearings in the lower end. Maybe re-ring it if it needs it.

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