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Apr 7, 2007
i have a guy wanting to swap his e- locked third for my open third. Is the shaft and third the only thing i have to swap? as far as wiring what does it take to run this thing? for my elocker in my chevy alls it took was a constant twelve volt lead and a switch is it the same with this? i have read about swapping harness and ecu's and all that jazz but that seem like alot of work i would rather avoid. Also if i decided to run one of these in my 40 would it be the same wiring set-up?
basically, what? he wants to swap his locked rear for your open? why? i would look long and hard at that locker if i were you
its a good locker, he has 80 axles going under his 85 mini truck with 4.3 vortec/700r4/203/205 set up with 38 tsl sx's and he would rather have the strength of a Detroit rear than the e locker that came in the axles
bump ttt
You also need to swap housing with third. or you will have to modify yours to accept locker.
Definitely a candidate for a search of the forum.
Short answer is "you need to replace or modify the housing."
ive seen where you have to modify the front housing but you have to do the rear as well?
Yes. Holes need to be drilled, others filled. A notch needs to be made, as well.

IIRC, there are pics of the process floating around somewhere...
Here you go my friend.

Baja Overland

I'm doing the same thing right now as well. Except on going to great troubles to get all that factory wiring and switch jazz.

If you don't already make your own swithces - 12volt guy here does a great job.

Good luck to you in your mod. The swap for me wasn't hard at all. The wiring had me confused or did I say still has me a little. I know more when all my parts get in.

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