Rear hatch glass gasket?

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Feb 10, 2017
I've been trying to hunt down a weird leak I can't seem to trace back or find anyone else who has had. Not the typical wiper, brake light etc leaks.
The interior lower portion of the gasket fills up slightly in the rain and slightly dribbles down the inside of the hatch plastic. Only the carpet on the lower tailgate gets wet.
When I peel up the bottom of the gasket on the outside edge water comes out which makes me think a new gasket is in order. Has anyone experienced this?
I got same leak, Im going to replace front rear glass and gaskets
The rear window seems to drain a lot better than the front. Likely due to both the rear hatch drains and the fact that the windshield gets more water exposure from forward momentum and the slopey angle.

Mine leaked, I thought due to aftermarket glass and a crap gasket so I put in factory glass and a new gasket. It still leaks.

When I pulled the glass I was shocked to see zero rust, just clean 045 under it. Ever since then I don’t care anymore.

That said this is in AZ so I see a lot less water than others. If you’re in a dry climate I wouldn’t worry about it.
I have a 1990 Corolla Wagon that uses the same rear glass seal design, and it is just starting to leak in the same fashion yours is.
I got same leak, Im going to replace front rear glass and gaskets

Did you replacing your rear gasket ever fix this?
Never got around to it this summer and the rain has been leaking in worse than ever this winter.
Still haven't found a definite leak but pulled 3rd brake light cover and it was dry. Can only think it's gasket at this point.

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