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Jan 31, 2017
Did a bunch of searching but couldn't find an answer I could understand.

Can you play movies on the rear screen from iPhone plugged into USB on 2013-15 LC?

If so, how do you do it?

Also, for those that have done chromecast/firestick or other, was this only on 2016+ models? Anyone done this on a 13-15?

If anyone has done this, any details on how it was done?

Nope. From what I've read the USB port is only for music. I wish you could use a USB key with a movie on it.

If you want to play movies from something aside from the built-in DVD player you need to plug something into the aux input. I was looking at building a raspberry pi with Plex Home Theater (rasplex) since I use Plex Media Server at home. If you like Chomecast you could probably use an HDMI-to-composite converter (
thanks! Frustrating that you can't use the USB. the amazon item should work, obviously quality won't be great. thanks!
Yes IIRC composite video is 720x480, so just plain DVD quality.

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