rear ended 80

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Mar 9, 2007
Calgary, Canada
So i was at a dead stop in traffic, when i guy behind me decided not to slow down and booked me from behind. Got nailed square in the middle of my rear bumper where the trailer hitch mounts to the four, with the wreck, that part of my cross-member got pretty bent and pushed into my spare underneath..
With all the being said, what are the chances that is fixable as opposed to being more severe with frame damage...
well, if the cross member is bent and not just stretched, and depending how much, it is indeed possible that something on the frame must have had to move...
You could start with a careful inspection of the frame rails with a straightedge and some tape measure.
Having been rear ended in my 80, I'd recommend a close inspection of the frame rails leading toward the front of the truck from the rear crossmember as Eric suggests. God...did I just agree with Eric? :eek:What's the world coming too! :flipoff2: The rear crossmember itself is no big deal for a good body shop to replace. IIRC it was around $800 usd. Hopefully the hitch took the brunt of the collision. Did the impact shear the bolts for the hitch? Is the rear hatch/body damaged or is it limited to the bumper?

Good luck and hope you're ok!
If you would have had the right rear after market bumper you might have had a scratch................

And they would have had a totaled car. lol
Do not accept measurements done by hand.
Find a shop with a measureing system and have the entire frame checked for damage, Insurance should cover this without any problems. That is unless they total the vehicle, Then buy it back, Take it to a real shop with a frame measuring system and have them check it and make any repairs needed to the frame.
Dave knows better, he's an expert, but when I broached the topic of frame measurements once with my insurance they threw a fit and refused to do pay for just the measurements if the shop didn't already say things were out of wack and were going to fix it... But of course, the shop didn't know if it was out of wack cuz they couldn't do measurements.... Bit of a catch 22 unfortunately.

But if you see something off already just by hand, you can probably argue it should be measured and straightened out. That, of course, would still raise the issue of whether the frame would have been weakened if it folded in some.

I hope all will prove well.
Insurance could possible total it but that could be to your advantage. Let them do it, buy it back and fix it. I wouldn't worry about the rear damage, it can be fixed unless it bent all the way to shock/spring mounts then it could be a problem.

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