Rear electrical issue

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Mar 22, 2017
Victoria, bc
I haven’t started looking yet but is there a resource that show the location of connections and diagrams for wiring for a 99 100 series.
My issues are this and I think they are all related.

it started with when I unlock my door my alarm goes off, now the rear hatch key doesn’t work at all.

then recently my rear brake light fuse blew. Then shortly after the dash light, license plate and running light fuse keeps blowing as soon as Iturn the lights on. Now both fuses pop as soon as I turn the lights on but turn signals in the rear wirk. So I am guessing a short some place in the rear.

There is a 4 pin aftermarket trailering setup and I suspect maybe that is where there is a short but is there any other areas I should look.all the electrical issue are at the rear of the vehicle

I don’t want to tear the whole rear of my cruiser apart
Before I read there was "aftermarket trailering setup" I was going to suggest looking for trailer wiring. crawl underneath with a flashlight and see if any connections are under the truck, otherwise peek under the rear trim piece that runs along the back of the tailgate area, then in the area of the jack and toolkit. You are going to find some kind of twisted and taped wires where the tape melted off long ago. I would disconnect all of that, cover up any exposed wires and if you need trailer wiring, start all over with something new.

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