Rear Disc Brake E-Brake ???

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Oct 8, 2005
Trenton, NJ
Couldn't find any info on what years Cadillac Eldorado calipers had the e-brake included and would fit a FJ40 rear conversion. Anyone have any idea???
Thanks Plowboy, what rotors did you use with that setup? Will the milled chevy pickup ones work?
I used the chev pU rotors with JTO plates. The only problem I had was with the banjo bolts with the napa metric to sae hose. the bolts were two short. I ended up using the fitting off the cad and just screwed the orginal toyota line in. NOt real happy with that. Will someday look for longer banjo. The ebrake is hard to make work properly. The hand pull lever just doesn't have the leverage to pull the pads up tight. Needs a foot pedal, like the orginal. NO room on the left of the clutch pedal to install, so am working on modifing a pedal to replace the handpull on the right of the steering. Kind of hard to get to with the right foot(pedal is over the hump).. but not completely finished yet.
mine were off of a 82 eldorado but they are slightly different then the 87
I think it's more trouble than it's worth to figure out the cable routing. I had the calipers on & thought I'd rather not have those cables dangling low to catch any trail debris, so I went back to the parking drum on the tcase.
Over here in OZ a popular setup for rear discs with a hand brake is to use Hilux (Toyota Pickup) front discs, early Subaru front calipers and 60/75/80 LC handbrake cables.

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