rear bump stops

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Sep 17, 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
The rear springs are flipped and now I need to move the rear bump stops so they line up. Should I just move the stock stops or is there something better I can put in, since I have to install it from scratch anyway.
BOSS air bags replace the rear bump stops... if you need the ability to raise and lower your rear end, simply by adding or releasing air.

They help eliminate Cruiser lean, raise my 40 2.5”, are easy to install and only cost me $349 shipped... from NOTE: it looks like John’s webpage is being mimic’d by someone evil... here’s his contact info instead —> slocruisers - Google Search

... and I can still get into the garage... with 44 lowered.
My website, is up and running. My website needed to be republished by GoDaddy in Firefox and Chrome after I renewed the website on the 26th of May.
My thoughts on air bags on an off road vehicle: Years ago a popular Baja racer tried air bags on their race truck, didn't work because of the constant cycle/rubbing, they simply tore themselves apart in fast/constant off road use.

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