Real time TCASE help needed

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Nov 19, 2004
Lutz, FL
So I pulled the rear off of my case and two different 3 inch rings fell out one is thin and the other is thicker and angled I have looked through posts on here and the factory manual and cant figure out how they go back in. What is the order and which way does the angled one face?
Maybe if you snapped a pic of the offending pieces and where they came out of, it might help people see exactly what you are talking about. Your post is a bit obscure, and we don't even know exactly what you have apart....
They are probably the spacers that fit on the tcase oil pump. If you look in the link from KliersLC you will see the oil pump up to the left in the fourth picture. I believe that the thick one goes in first and the thin one on top. Put some tcase oil on them to hold them in place while you put the rear housing back on.

David Sword
Yes those are the ones I am talking about the thicker one is tapered though and dont know which way to taper. Or the order period.
If you can wait a while until I get home I will check my FSM for the orientation.

David Sword
I rebuilt mine about 6 months ago and the same thing happened, and I didn't have a clue on the the order they went. I just looked long and hard and figured it out. My best advice is to look for wear marks on the parts. I can't tell you how it went together because I have fixed so many things since then on my POS cruiser. Just give it a good look aee and if I find any photos I'll post them up.
Note: The tapered one only goes one way, and the shim goes on last I think becuase its a booger to keep it on when your trying to stab it back onto the transfer case. I'm sure this was no help but anything helps...
The picture in the FSM is not specific enough to tell which way the taper goes. It does say to put the thin shim toward the bearing though. Look to see if the wear marks on the rear extension housing at the oil pump look like the large diameter of the non-tapered side of the bearing or the small diameter of the tapered side of the bearing. Sorry I cannot be of more help.

David Sword

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