Re installing DS axle tips

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Oct 15, 2012
Mountain House, Ca
Two weeks ago I had to change my front diff gasket since it had a leak, so I had to pull the axle shafts so I can get the DS out and pull my 3rd so I can put the new gasket.

Putting the short shaft back was quick and painless. But the longer one (driver side) took me almost 20mins to get the splines aligned.

So, I must've damaged my inner axle oil seal from wedging the shaft all around it when trying to get it in. Now I have a leak on my driver side. Bad.

I'm sure it won't take you 20mins putting it back in. I'm going to pull it out again next weekend and replace the inner seal, so what advice/tips do I have to ponder when re installing the longer shaft?



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When trying to spline the axle you have to push down and push it with the flat spots on the birffield to the top and bottom
yeh trying to get them in with worn birfs is a bitch... new birfs the axle stays dead straight so you can get it in without damaging the inner axle seal.
There is the bolt that holds your brake line to the diff housing, i take that out and inset a tig welding rod into it with a loop in it to hold the shaft up and level so it goes into the splines easier. still a bitch but it does work.

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