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Feb 17, 2021
Bay Area CA
Aww man not another sleep platform build!

Howdy, decided I needed to build out a sleeping platform for my GX as it will serve as my ski chalet during the winter months and I need to hide my tools from scumbags while its parked on the street.

After lurking for months and taking note of excellent detailed builds like PsilocyBen and Mountain Passes I decided to take a crack at it.
Went with 80/20 framing as tools and workspace is very limited. 80/20 is a bit more forgiving with wiggle room.
I spent more time thinking about the parts/dimensions than I did assembling them...

I went with 2 swing up panels on the rear trunk area. So long as bed extension is folded over second row these swing up for access to gear below, otherwise i'll hunt down some plastic pull out totes that fit. Eh.
Panels are 3/4" plywood with outdoor carpeting stapled to panels.
2 second row panels are attached to the rear with one piece of 80/20 extrusion, panels are then mated with piano hinge in the middle. The piano hinged sections flop a little bit but it allows me to fold them up and store flat on the rear trunk area so I can use my second row normally.
I chose to only go with a 2/3 extension because
1.) I don't need much room to sleep in
2.) I like using the second row to eat and read in while car camping in the winter, this design unfortunately limits second row seat recline with the current dimensions so didn't complete the remaining 1/3 section.

So far its worked out well and allowed me to continue to be a slob.






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