Rapid City Area

Sep 26, 2006
Nashville, TN
I will be traveling to Rapid City later this month for work, for a couple days, and Im looking for input on any great places to eat or see.

Oct 31, 2006
I love to eaT at Minerva's, also an awesome steak can be found at the Delmonico grill downtown. You must take a road trip leave Rapid City on hwy 16 and head to Keystone, don't worry about MT Rushmore you'll get there by the end of the day. Go straight though Keystone up to hwy 16A it is at the base of the hill before going up the hill to Mt Rushmore. Stop at the top of the MT and and take a walk out onto the overlook. Hop back in your car and continue down 16A, when you reach the end you'll be at hwy 36 turn right (this turns into 16A here) continue on through Custer State park you will have to pay a park fee. When you come to SD 87 take a right and follow this over the needles hwy follow 87 all the way to hwy 16 take a right for about 100 yards and turn right again onto hwy 16 going to MT Rushmore. Enjoy your visit when you head back down the MT you will be in Keystone again. This is a day trip and is well worth the time. Do not rush you have plenty of time to stop whenever you want. Feed donkeys. look at Bufalo, climb on rocks have Fun! The club has a trail ride on the 16th if you would like to join us. We meet at Baken Park at 9:00, we will be the Toyota's.

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