Radius arm bushings

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Well. Supposedly rubber will hold up better than poly. I still have the stock bushings in my '94 which gets beat fairly hard. I will replace them with OEM soon, only because newer rubber should be more pliable and therefore flex easier.

Thats good news because I didn't want to go with poly bushings due to more vibration being transfered to the truck. I figured the stock 80 bushings would more than be up to the job considering the weight they handle but I don't have any firsthand experience with them. :cheers:
You definitely want OEM rubber, the bushing design of the rear bushings can handle a tremendous amount of flex.

The front radius arms deal more with compression and poly is ok, but there is no reason for it unless you are doing offset caster bushings, and even then I would go with Slee's polyester bushings over something like OME polyurethane as they seem to hold up much better.

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