Radiator question

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May 14, 2008
Johnson City, TN
1997 Lexus LX450. I need a new ratiator; mine is spewing from the bottom core. Any specific brand I should be looking for. Everyday driver. Pull the boat - 21 ft. wakeboard boat - with it along with some offroad use when a kayak "put in" is remote. Suggestions? I need to order it ASAP as I am sure shipping will be a few days and I am walking until fixed.

OEM or Koyo, in that order, IMO.

I'm very happy with the OE brass 3 row rad from the 93-94 LCs. Recommend calling CDan.
Good luck, Mack
Give CDAN a call. He can set you up with an OEM. The OEM brand for my 93 is 'TRAD'. I did this a couple of months ago and it was shipped to me very quickly.
One more vote for OEM, you will never keep it cool with the typical aftermarket 1 row aluminum.
i think Toyota has recently gotten more competitive pricing structure on their OEM radiators.....dont know if it includes LC rads or not
x2 on either the Koyo's or the OEM's.

That said, I do not think Koyo is the OEM producer for the LC radiator anymore. There is a new supplier--or at least one I haven't seen yet. I'll check on it on Monday.

Best way to contact CDan?

I searched the vendor forum with no luck. What is the best way to get in touch with CDan?

Thank everyone for their help and input. Hopefully I will get one in the mail tomorrow.

Many thanks,
;) Dan in parts should suffice. Tell him your a Mud member. He'll take good care of you. Hell of a nice guy :)
Another lame question. probably missed something along the way. But your work there 2 correct? In Cdan's truly deserved time off can we buzz you?
Another lame question. probably missed something along the way. But your work there 2 correct? In Cdan's truly deserved time off can we buzz you?

Yes. Just call the 800 number again, hit any other extension for any of the other guys and then just ask for me and they will transfer your call.

That said, I am only usually there in the AM's (till about 1130am MST) 4 days a week, and one long day the other day--usually a Thursday or a Friday.

I heard Toyota was getting their Rads from China? true or false thanks, Mike
This is what the sticker on my radiator says:

T.RAD Co.,Ltd

7080 0000783 P3

I took a photo but the my card reader is giving me an error.
just did mine a couple weekends ago, reads the same IIRC, quick shipping and good service, CDan is the man!
T. Rad= TOYO Rad which was the original Toyota OEM Radiator supplier for many of the early LC's (saw one today in a 1976 FJ55).

It's good stuff. And made in Japan.

OEM ordered yesterday - thanks for the input guys. WIll let you know when it is in and then I will continue the hunt for the codes it is throwing. Air leak problem solved but still throwing a code that the *kind* boys at Advance Auto tell me has to do with a diesel malfunction - considering I am gas I guess it is a diesel problem :bang:.

What is the specific CEL code (P0201, 25, etc)

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