quota for uploading photos

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Still have your 'welcome' email?

Pretty sure it is detailed in that about restrictions based on post count/activity, etc.

Purchase a silver star, support the forum and don't think about it.


As covered in the "required reading" User Guide thread, members with 0-10 posts have a number of limitations in place, including attachment space.

Reason? Spammers...it takes spammers a LOT of work to get 10 posts without being caught/banned, and they've been known to post images as part of their spamming process...as a result, ALL new members go thru a 10-post waiting period before their forum options open up.

You should read the User Guide thread...I've spent a great deal of time trying to answer questions regarding the forum in there, and even if you don't need all those answers today, you will at least remember that it exists and the answer is likely already covered in there.

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