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Oct 24, 2005
Cuba, MO
Okay tommorrow I go get my FJ-40(1963 body on a 1968 frame). I am going to drive it home since it is a short trip(50 miles) and I don't have a trailer. When talking to him he said it would need new wiper blades and it would be ready to go.

I went to autozone and picked up a 2-12" wiper blades b/c that is what the book told me to get.......I have since read that I might need 11" blades.

Anyway what kind of connection should I expect on the wiper arm to connect with the blade? Is it the "stud" type like my FJ-60 just or is it something exotic that I am going to have trouble with?


In the event that it still has the original wiper arms on the truck, you will need to get the special wiper for that arm, which is something that I have not ever found at an auto parts store. You may find a generic blade replacement piece that could work, provided the blade assembly that is currently on there is a replacement style.

You will likely need to bring the truck or at least the wiper arm to the auto parts store and see what you can make work.

Who knows, you may get lucky and someone could have replaced the original wiper motors with something after market that you can get a generic wiper/blade assembly for.
I was afraid you would say that. I am actually hoping that it isn't raining tommorrow so I don't have to worry about it. I am thinking that I might be able to make the old wiper blades work to get it home and fix it there.

Get a bottle of glass cleaner, and a bottle of RainX. Clean the windshield well, both inside and outside, and then apply the RainX.
Get a bottle of glass cleaner, and a bottle of RainX. Clean the windshield well, both inside and outside, and then apply the RainX.

I also find that the RainX antifog stuff they make applied on the inside of the windshield does wonders. Then I can actually see out of the windshield while I focus on the rain coming through the gap between the door and the soft top. :lol:
I got 13' Winter blades at NAPA. NAPA brand and they fit well.

X 3 on the Rain X. I almost never use the wipers unless it's misty.
Might also help to know what windshield you have. The 1963 and 1968 model do not share the same style wipers. The 63 had two wiper motors while the 68 only had one.

my 63 wiper blades...

Hi, when I picked up my '63 Fj40 the wiper blades were connected with tie-wraps...worked okay until I could order some new ones from SOR.
There is only one wiper motor.......so probably off the 68 but it is on the top of the windshield......not sure of the year is dropped to the bottom.

hey all........quick update......since I know i cannot get a "correct" pair of wipers in on time(tommorrow afternoon) I am going to first see how bad of condition the current blades are in.........if useable solution solved.

If not useable(cracked etc) I am going to clean then rain-x the windshield(per poser) and then I am going to zip tie the new wiper blades to the arm in case I need them.

Thanks for the help


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