Quick newb question on cruiser values

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Apr 29, 2009
Hi all. First post here. Please be gentle. I have read all the FAQs and have decided that the truck I need (reliable family off road camping vehicle with 3rd row seats and long term durability) is a 95-99 cruiser. Plus I have just always wanted a TLC. And the customization potential just makes me drool:) Those slee and arb bumpers are beautiful. I'd like your opinions on that you think I should reasonably expect to pay for a good 95-97 that has been well maintained and has around 100k-120k miles (same question for 98-99 models years too i guess). I am willing to wait and look for a deal. It wont be a daily driver, just a well maintained toy. Thanks all.

Depending on particulars between $5000 and $10000. Stock? Modded? Body & paint? Maintenance? Just a good set of tires will set you back $1000 if it needs them.
I just purchased an FJ80, so I've been in the market recently. For a 100k '95-'97 with really nice mechanicals and cosmetics, I'd say $7-9k. Of course, there's always deals out there if you look. I didn't really look at 100s, but I'd guess $10k+ from the few that I've seen.

Remember that these things easily go 300k+ with proper maintenance. Focus more on condition and maintenance than mileage. I'd take a 200k 80 that's been well maintained over a 100k 80 that's been neglected.

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