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Mar 1, 2007
redding californa
hey every budy i have some questions. i have a 1971 fj-40 that im in the starting prosses of rebuilding but first i have to tear it down to frame first. but as most of you know ther and diffrent ways to do that. but i need to know where to unbolt and what to unbolt to take out engein and transmison. or would it be easer to take off the body then pull every thing off.

just send what you think and or what you did with ur rebuild.
Do you really need a frame-up resto? What kind of shape is the rig in? It seems to me that if you are asking these kind of questions this early in the game, you are for sure in too deep of water for a project like this. Get a FSM (Field service manual) and be methodical about it. Keep the removed parts organized (bins work) take a bunch of pictures and/or videos of the teardown. Good luck, PS. Try the technical links section for a bunch of info.
Okay, well you're started ok.

Looks like you got a SBC in there. First what I did, pics can be seen in my build thread, was to remove the engine from the tranny. Boom, remove engine. Get a jack or two, lower t-case and tranny out. It can come out all at once (Engine,tranny, t-case) by, but I had an auto, so I found it easier that way.

Now you got some room under that thing, remove everything, pop that body off. Start your resto from there.

I followed several other builds to get an idea of the steps to go by. There are many out there that can be used as guides.

Maybe a mod can put in the FAQ or just a sticky thread of all the build threads that we got going on in the 40 section. I think that could be helpful for a lot of people.

Now of course these are very vague steps to follow, we can't show you every bolt to take out. Trust me, there is no step by step resto book out there, if there was a resto wouldn't be very important anymore. But hopefully it will give something to build on.

Good luck on your 40

I'd recommend to remove the body, then worry about the other stuff. It'll get a lot of crap out of your way.
Colorado was right though. Be very tedious (?) about taking it apart. I've been putting all my bolts in labeled zip-lock bags and taking billions of pics.
Good luck.
I found it much easier to remove the entire body, makes things much easier. Also in my experience, most of the bolts are going to break. Might as well get ready to invest in a lot of new ones, a good grinder, drill bits, and some easy outs. Good Luck, keep us posted!
That's some good advice franky, I'm just realizing that myself, my bolts are breaking on my 71 and it's driving me crazy....
thanks guys. i m just taken little thigs off and puting the bolts back with the nut or put it back in place like my alternator,carb,powerstering pump, fule pump stuff like that. im only doing that right now because i dont have any one to help take off the body
and the reson why i need to take it down to the fram to awnser (colorado-boy)
is the fram is caked with dryed mud, oil, and what ever could stick to it. so i need to powerwash it. and i need to do some miner welding on it which will be easy (weldings my specialty)

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