Question on PM inbox limits

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Dec 15, 2004
Fort Collins, CO
I have been searching for a way to fix this, but my current limit on PM's that I can have in my inbox or sent box is 5. In the FAQ section, it just states that the moderators limit the amount of items you can have in your PM box, but 5 seems like a really small number. How do I get this number raised to even say 50? Just curious. Like I said, I have searched through a few different places on the site, and haven't found an answer yet.
did you read your intro email? (no one does....kinda like directions...not sure why I bother sending it ;) )

PM's are VERY limited to new users to thwart the STICKI thread in this section for more info
When would have the intro e-mail have been sent? When I joined the forum? If so, I joined back in 2004, and I am sure that e-mail has long been deleted from my inbox. I will go back and read the sticky. Thanks for the info Woody. I just started coming back to the forums on here, and Pirate after a long hiatus. Kind of nice to be back browsing.
aahh...yeah, the welcome email has been updated a few times over the years....

just updated the FAQ too...your post reminded me to do it :)
I found the info in the sticky like you said. That was the one place that I didn't look. Should have known better. Thanks again Woody.

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