Question about catalytic converter

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Nov 19, 2007
Amarillo9, Texas
I am just curious about the converter.My truck is a 92 with 146k, just had my ac converted and my front axle resealed. I was talking to my mechanic and he said we could "punch out" the converter. I did this on my 88 4runner with no problem. Are there any 02 sensors after the converter? If there are can you get a dummy plug? I live in Texas and we don't have to pass emissions tests, also I don't really care about the ozone or hippies.
92? Only two O2 sensors, one right before each cat.

You should be fine.
Pro: Miniscule performance gain that will probably not be noticeable.

Con: Destruction of the planet... ;)
your o2's are before the cats(OBD1), I removed cats with no difference in mileage or performance. Put them back on.

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