PS Pump gear ticking

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Oct 20, 2015
After doing some research I realized that what I thought was a case of bad valve ticking, was actually and most likely the power steering pump drive gear/ Oil pump drive gear given the location of the sound.

Pretty expensive repair if I cant find/ fix a burr or something on the PS gear attributing to the ticking, and if I have to replace the oil pump gear then it appears the timing cover has to come off which then makes the job extensive and even more expensive.

My question is, besides being awfully annoying, is there any real negatives of just leaving it alone?
Hey I was reading your post and was wondering what was the outcome? I recently had a blown radiator, replaced everything and went to run the cruiser and had a clunk (2 tick tick) and then nothing. Idles beautiful, but when I blip the throttle it does it. Not every time but enough for me to shut it down and drive my other. Any outcome?

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