Probs with 1997 80 series

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Sep 9, 2013
I am considering purchasing a 1997 80 series. This is my first Land Cruiser and I am wondering if there are any common problems associated with this year and model.

Check the FAQ section on the 80's. and more info is needed other than its a 97.... Does it have front lockers? Factory roof racks? PO maintenance records? Has the PHH been done? Head gasket done? Miles? Where's it from etc.....
I won't get to view the vehicle in person until Friday, or really speak to the owner. What I do know is that it has 89,000 miles, no factory roof rack, and is from the Northwest. I doubt it will have service records, but am just looking to find out if there were any general problems that people seemed to experience with these vehicles. I am looking for a local, knowledgable mechanic here in Virginia Beach to inspect it once I get my hands on it. I have 5 days to accept or reject the vehicle.
The absolute biggest problem with my now 'year old' 1997 LC has been the pitiful gas mileage it gets. Other than that the only other problem I've had is the PITA PO401 code that came with it. I've probably narrowed it down to the VSV which will be replaced when I have some free time. Besides that it's been a blast to own. Good luck. 89k is a BIG plus. Mine came with 150k.

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