Problem with axle rebuild

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Sep 9, 2003
Today i was doing my axle rebuild, i got my knuckles hooked back on then i start putting the axles back in. I put the passenger side in first, turn the axle flange to see its working and it is. Then i do the same to the driver side, but when i turn the flange on the third member it doesnt turn the axle just the passenger side. I then took the axle out and did the same thing and nothing. i know it was working before i took it apart, it got too dark before i could take my third member back off and see what the matter, what do you guys thinks goin on?
Sounds like its just the differential doing its natural thing....
turn the DS flange and stop the spinning axle from turning... the other side should start to turn. This is normal for an open differential...... the wheel with the least resistance turns (that will get you stuck, huh?).
don't hit the icky sticky till your cleaning up tools next time. Pre wrench torks always leads to some fubared shiat. Ask me how I know. Ever had to completely disassemble carrier cause you drove the cross shaft in to far when removing c-clips .
can agree!

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