Problem while reversing

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Sep 25, 2006
Truckee, Tahoe, CA
I searched..

If I am in Drive and I shift to Reverse, when I press the accelerator it seems to hesitate, and then suddenly jerk me backwards. Once I am moving in reverse there is no problem... How screwed is my transmission?

Before I was on MUD I towed someone out of a ditch in Reverse. I later read on here that towing in reverse is a no-no. Could that be the cause?

Thanks in advance,

Well are you on the gas during the gear shift? If so then thats your problem. Fully let go of the gas, shift, wait till you feel the gears then accellerate.

Otherwise if it does it no matter what then I have no idea what the problem is. Sorry. :eek:
I'm almost positive that I am not on the gas, however it could be some sort of habit that is second nature.

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