Problem: Spare Tire

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Oct 21, 2008
Marshall, MI
How do you get the spare tire off if the chain mechanism is severely rusted and will not move?
PB Blaster and wait.

Although I didn't need to cuz I'm in SoCal, one of my friends slathered his in grease whenever he needed to drop it. He's in WA.
X2. soak that mother in penetrating fluid. wait a day or 2. repeat. some heat and liberal banging of a hammer might loosen things up further. is it uncranking at all?
"X2. soak that mother in penetrating fluid. wait a day or 2. repeat. some heat and liberal banging of a hammer might loosen things up further. is it uncranking at all?"

It is not uncranking at all. I will soak the mechanism. It is hard to get to it with the tire in the way.
If you can at least get the chain part way down, you can always cut it with a cutoff wheel or sawzall, and then just use a nut and bolt to reattach the chain. But, you might as well find a new spare tire winch and just replace it since if it's frozen now, it will be again in a few months.
Never tried to do it, but this sounds possible:

The bracket that holds the chain mechanism is bolted to the frame with 6 bolts (3 at either end). I think they're accessible with spare mounted. Mine is off now and on swingout, but I know that if you can get these 6 bolts out, spare & bracket together should drop. It's a tight fit and with the weight of the spare it will jam easy. With some patience and a BFH to beat it with it should (fall right on top of you:rolleyes:) come out. once you get it out, chain mechanism is held to bracket with 4 bolts and they are accessible from the top, so you should be able to get 'er loose. Good luck & HTH!
I guess I should consider myself lucky. I took my spare down a few weeks ago. It looked natsy as well as I live in the rust belt, but to my surprise it came down after letting it soak with some Seafoam Deep Creep for a couple of days. The spring was siezed into one solid rusted part. The hardest part was figuring out where the extension handle mated with the mechanism. I don't think the spare had ever been taken down as the sidewall was ribbed from being pressed against the support beam. Good luck, and let it soak with some good penetrating oil for a few days as others have stated.
I just bought a used spare tire winch from the classifieds for 35 bucks. I posted in the WTB section and quickly for a few responces. IIRC new was north of $100.
bignasty - if you get it off and need a replacement, I'll sell you my pampered Socal winch for the same $35 p8nt paid plus the ride.
I used alot of PB Blaster and it moved like it was new. i never had such good luck with PB Blaster. My spare was flat and the bead wont seal right.Thanks for the help you all.
I should check mine. I should also get a jack. The jack was missing when I bought mine, sure hope I don't get a flat.
Just threw out my rust free tire winch after no one claimed it. Asking price...FREE
Where are you spraying the PB Blaster? I put some around the chain mechanism but it don't seem to be working. Do you spray it in the hole? Just thought i'd ask.....
For anyone that has ditched the stock spare carrier, anybody want to donate me the "T" extention and jack handle part of the tool kit that is used to lower the spare. My truck was missing the jack and jack handle from the tool kit. I found a jack at a junk yard for $15, but no handle or "T" to lower the tire.

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