Pricing & Value..??

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Nov 8, 2007
asheville nc
Not sure if this is the right place for this,or if it should be in classifieds….either way..…wife is due in a month with our second and i've toyed with selling my 80. The pricing seems all over the map for these things and especially the 40th's.Just saw a comparable 40th on flea bay close at almost 12K!!Seems crazy,but maybe thats the market…Ya'll tell me. 1997 40th with 170k,ARB bumper,old man emu lift and new BFG A/T,in pretty good shape but has does have normal wear and tear.Has Lockers but never been sure if P/O added the switch for…or if it truely does have lockers.Thanks in advance
Clarifying what you have to offer in regards to that last sentence (lockers) will go a long way with the value part of the question to folks on here. If locked should have k294 on the door plate or you could look for the locker motors on the housings . Also any maintenance notes or records. These will build value in a buyers mind.

As to pricing it sounds like you got a 8k rig to me. Probably about the same as taking the avg on the market the 12k example you listed and the commonplace 4k CL rigs. Geographical market varies as well. I'd just pull all the comparable examples in 500 miles and draw an avg. or look here in classifieds to gauge against other for sale/sold vehicles.

Thers the adage of its worth what someone will pay to consider when you see the high priced rigs as well.
Sage Metallic or Emerald Green?
Sage…and yeah i was thinking around 8 also
I watch prices pretty closely in the Denver area - mainly on craigslist but occasionally on fleabay as well. What I have seen have the biggest single impact on price is lockers. After that, mileage and immediate maintenance needs. A 40th popped up this morning - no lockers but has CEL on and "needs some minor repairs" for 4200 IIRC. Others - clean, 160kmi with no lockers but "no leaks" are asking closer to 12k.

This is also the front range of Colorado so demand might be a little different here. Around here, if no lockers, 8k sounds like a decent price. With lockers and low mileage, I don't think 12 would be completely out of the question for many buyers assuming it really needs nothing immediate....but that is just my opinion....


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