Pre warm new engine before first start?

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Oct 28, 2002
North Adams, Massachusetts
Hey guys, I should be firing the rebuilt engine in my 80 within the week. I plan to prime it with oil from a pressurized tank as usual. My question... there are two block heaters in there that could easily get the engine nice and comfy warm before starting it... Are there any reasons not to do this? Thoughts?
Uniformity - of temperature throughout the engine?

IOW, I'd let the engine do its own heating at its own rate.

JMHO. :cheers:

Ohh, I can't wait til you fire that up! Lots of work to get there eh?
I wouldn't sweat it.

don't pre warm it. The frost plug warmer might have an air pocket due to the coolant hasn't been fully ciculated. Might cause the heater to burn out. I also doubt it could make a difference, unless you like in Alaska and your first start is outside in minus 20.
Yeah you'll be fine, think about all the engines that are rebuilt that dont have block heaters.
how did it go?

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