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May 9, 2003
Breckenridge, CO
First of all, I would like to think I've done my fair share of research on this. And I've been gathering parts for a while now.

I'm trying to swap in a mini truck box and saginaw pump onto a '71 fj40 F engine. I have the steering box figured out. But mounting the pump is going to be a pain. The F air cleaner is in the way for some of brackets out there.

Or I could move the alternator to the passenger side. But how much work would that be? Hopefully its a simple bolt like I think it is. Lets say I do that, then I can mount the saginaw pump on the drivers side and hopefully my aircleaner won't be in the way. I'm not sure who makes a bracket to do that, maybe someone can point me in the right direction for that. Will I need a second belt to make this setup work? I did find a double groove pulley, but it won't mount on my water pump. So I could get the extra pulley from marksoffroad.net but even that loolks like a really close fit, I think the fan blades might hit the belt. Any possible problems with belt alignment?

In conclusion...
Will moving the alternator work for me?
Will I need a second belt? and then need the pulley from Mark?

Thanks to anybody who might help me out and not sending me to 'search'

Jan 22, 2003
What year '40 are you talking about?

Yes you can move the alt bracket to the passenger side, I have the bracket you need. There are at least 2 double groove waterpump pulleys that are out there. And with the correct one you need a fan spacer. I think the harmonic balancer pulley Mark offers is interesting. I had a '74 F and had the two groove balancer. I would use Bill Dorry's pump mount, since it does not use the head bolts. I will have the correct WP pulley and spacer available soon as I am swapping in a 2F.


Sep 11, 2003
Orem, UT
I have a 12/72 40 I did that to. I got the 2F alternator bracket and bolted the alternetor on the passenger side. you also need the piece that allows you to rotate the alternator to tighten the belt.

You will need another belt but I didn't have to get a different polley. I has able to use what was on the fan.

Then I mounted the saginaw pump where using the smog pump bracket, then rigged up something to tighten the belt for the pump. the smop pump bracket is too big so you have to get a sleeve that will fit between the mounting part of the bracket and the pump.

Here are some pics. hopefully they make sense.

- Rico.

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