Power steering customizing

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Sep 15, 2014
Mandurah Western Australia
Hello i'm Nathan i have a BJ70 Landcruiser with a 14B-T engine in it and recently had a power steering oil leak, upon inspection and taking the reservoir out the line that goes to the power steering pump come off completely.
Anyway my question is are all power steering reservoirs the same? Id like to put in a clear power steering reservoir so its easy to see the level. I'm not lazy i simply like making things more easy and efficient, and i'm short which makes it hard to even reach the cap with the level on it haha :)

There is a power steering reservoir from a commodore which would fit perfectly (after making brackets). Would this work or do i have to stick with the Toyota steel reservoir?
I think you'll be fine. I'm using a 70series PS pump on my 3B, with a second gen Range Rover PS box and reservoir with no issues. So just another reservoir should be no worries whatsoever.

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