Por 15 over paint?

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May 26, 2006
Oregon Coast
Can you put POR 15 over paint? Or do you have to sandblast and etch the metal again?
Dont do it, it will peel off!
I'm using POR15 right now on my Pig. POR has some very specific requirements as to how you use and apply their product - check www.por15.com. I completely sanded the entire interior of my Pig before application. Where I sanded away all original paint, used Marine Clean and MetalReady the POR15 stuck like glue - where I didnt (very small areas where I accidentally slapped down POR) the paint has peeled up.
Can you put POR 15 over paint? Or do you have to sandblast and etch the metal again?


I sanded the painted areas with 40 grit or 36. Make them really rough. Like you would for bondo to grip.

Then like said above use the marine clean and metal ready. Let it dry for a day or two.

Then paint. I did this. Then I went after and scuffed the POR and then used the other POR products on top.

When I scuffed the POR with 120 grit it held really good. None of it came off.

Other stuff like doors I sandblasted with 100% recycled glass. The POR there doesn't move. not that the areas I sanded with 36 grit moved, they were solid too.,
remember POR is a slippery paint. It needs rust to bond. So you have to really rough the surface. To give it tooth.

Spend some money for a random orbit sander. Then get some 40 grit stick on paper. Work those painted areas till almost metal is showing.

What I found was I needed to strip the paint off in some areas right to metal to get rust spots cleaned.
what about sandblasting?

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