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Apr 19, 2008
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Back again this year is our trip to the Oceano Dunes. The Central Coast Cruisers have moved the trip dates back to the first week of November which should mean we have most of the beach to ourselves. This is a very different trip when compared to ones like the Coyote Plateau which offers solitude and scenery. This is a good old school Land Cruiser beach party. There is typically a poker run Saturday, followed by a jumping contest, a parade of lights Saturday night, followed by good times around the communal campfire. You will see all variants of cruisers and meet some great folks.

Here's the boiler plate stuff:
  • The fee to camp is $10/night. While holiday weekends typically sell out non-holiday weekends usually don't. I typically reserve just to be safe. You can reserve an entry (no fixed sites) at camping and tour reservation information - CALIFORNIA STATE PARKS You are looking for the OCEANO SVRA when searching for the camp site.
  • Comms: HAM: 146.490, CB22, FRS01.
  • You camp on the beach wherever you choose to stop. We will camp just south of Pole 6, the last pole and restroom.
  • Typically we have left Friday morning and returned Sunday but one can make their own schedule. You might consider leaving Thursday and might stay until Monday. Staying until Monday means you can plan some off-beach activities Sunday like wine tasting or off roading to the Pozo Saloon (there is a run there for lunch Sunday). If one departs by 9AM Monday, the odds of traffic are very low where Sunday mid-day traffic through SB and LA is common. One could also depart later Sunday if you are up for it, to each his or her own.
  • Without a trailer, the drive is about 5.5 hours. With a trailer it is about 6.5 and if your kids have to stop and pee a lot 7 hrs. It is best to leave by 9AM so you pass through LA and Santa Barbara by about 2PM. This is especially true of leaving Friday. Any later and you will get stuck in Santa Barbara traffic which can be awful. Even later and you can add LA traffic for a wondrously long journey to the dunes. If you find yourself leaving later and can get through LA mid day, you can take I5 north and cut over on the 166 into Santa Maria to save a little time.
  • Things to do other an off road are typical beach activities like surfing, fishing, or just digging a hole to catch sand crabs (my kids love that...)
  • Tiki torches and similar are convenient for marking off your camping area.
  • Getting onto the beach: Your GPS might take you in on Grand Ave which makes it a straight shot from 101 to the beach. Mine always takes me up to 4th and then doubles back so I usually ignore it and exit on Grand. Or, it might take you south on 1 to Pier Ave. Either will work and in each case go south to pole 6. Grand is easier to find but you spend more time driving 15 MPH on the beach. I prefer the Grand Ave entrance myself.
  • I typically air down as soon as I pass through the ranger shack and recommend 12-15 PSI. You don't have to do so right away if you don't want to, by the break line the sand is hard packed, but a heavily loaded vehicle on stockish tires can have issues once you leave the hard pack.
  • Where to camp? Just south of Pole 6. We typically look for a place just above the high tide line far enough but not too far from the restrooms. Closer to the water is generally better than the dunes since waves are nicer to listen to than engines.
  • If people are coming in at night, we have our comm channels and cell phones to help guide you in.
  • This is probably my kid's favorite trip of the year. It is fun for the whole family.
  • Firewood is available on the way to and on the beach, no need to bring it and typically it is better to buy locally anyway. You can also buy water and other things from beach roving vendors.
  • Flags are required! I zip tie mine on to my front bumper. They can also be purchased on the beach if you forget yours or just don't have one.
  • We are next to the ocean so it can be cold at night. It can sunny and calm, sunny and windy, foggy at times, so read the weather report and plan accordingly.
  • Vehicles are usually used as wind breaks and so when setting up that is something to keep in your camping strategy. If we end up with a good turn out we might make a wagon circle which is nice for creating a place for the kids to play.
  • One option for Glamping is Luv2Camp Trailers which can be delivered to the sand awaiting your arrival.
  • Recovery gear: Wheeling in the dunes is a blast. Getting stuck is rather common for some, not for others, but we always help each other. Either way it is a good idea to have a tow strap with you.

Rough Meal Plan / schedule:

From the organizer site...

  • Friday night we’re having s’mores and beverages of choice, so come prepared.
  • Don’t forget all the lights you can stash in your gear for the Cruiser Light Parade.
  • And for the kiddos, don’t forget shovels and buckets for the Kid’s Sand Pit Challenge.

Thursday: Tyler is leading the charge and will be there Thursday.

Friday: I aim to get there between 2-3 PM depending on how many potty breaks my diaperheads require on the way up. I will tell the Luv2Camp people to head to just south of Pole 6 and look for the B&T flag banner thing.

Food: Burgers, easy stuff.

Saturday day: Breakfast of your choosing. The Poker run is usually around 11AM so best to plan on lunch / snack in the dunes. We usually end up back at camp mid afternoon but there will be plenty of antics like the jumping contest to keep you entertained..

Saturday night: The theme will be surf and surf fajitas so if you want to bring/contribute anything along those lines feel free. If you want to doll your rig up for the light parade bring some lights and a way to power them.

Sunday: Breakfast and break camp for most. For those that are interested, there is a run to the Pozo Saloon for lunch. Phulcum and I are going to stay another night and head back Monday.

Head count thus far:

- Elripster + 3 kids
- Tyler
- Phulcrum + a kid or two
- SoCalCruiser
- BminSD
- joebattle1
- Chopperbobsmith
- goose4433
- hygge
- Outsane
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Jan 13, 2018
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Love this trip and is one I am going to make happen. I went last year and it was awesome. I am going to work everything on my end to try to get work off to be there.
Jan 13, 2018
San Diego, CA
I have everything booked. Unless something pops up then i will be making this. I plan on heading up thursday to claim us a spot and put the BnT flag up!


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