Pinion Oil Slinger

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Dec 12, 2016
Chicago, IL
I am replacing the rear U-Joints on my '74 FJ40 so I figured I would replace the pinion seal while I had the driveshaft removed. When I removed the old seal I could see that the oil slinger wasn't a snug fit to the pinion shaft. Figured that wrong one was installed or something along those lines. Ordered a new OEM one and to my surprise the new one is the same way. There is a small amount of space between the pinion shaft and the inner diameter of the oil slinger. I wasn't expecting it to be super snug but I wasn't expecting that kind of play either. Is this how it is suppose to be? Then I thought that maybe the pinion wasn't factory (which could still be the case) but the seal and nut were the correct size so even if it wasn't factory the slinger size should still be correct. Any input would be great. Thanks.
When you were able to order a new OEM one should tell it was stock. Have to remember once the flange is in place and tightened down that slinger will be pinched and held in place and not rattling around.

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