Pilot bearing

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Jan 7, 2006
Missoula MT
I am replacing the clutch and tranny on my 79 fj40. I need to get the pilot bering out and have a new one pressed in. I took the clutch and flywheel off. What is the pilot bering riding in and what is the best way to remove it.

The pilot bearing is in the end of the crankshaft....

Good removal idea HERE

Lots more with the search funtion.

Good luck!

Pilot bearing removal tool ringin a bell? ;p

Actually those tend to break on me more often then a ground down bolt. Similar to the one in the pic on Poser's thread. The old grease packing method has been known to be successful from time to time.

Just get a bolt that almost has the same diameter as the hole, stick it in the bearing, place a block under the prybar (right next to the brng) to give you good leverage and a good angle on it then pop it right out. ;)
In place of the grease, use wet bathroom tissue. Just keep hammering it in there, with a bolt, does not even need to seal real tight like you need with the grease, and it will pop it right out. No messy grease.

Works every time...
I was gonna suggest the ground down carraige bolt trick, but Poser beat me to it!

Before I had my sst pilot bearing puller, I tried the grease trick, only to have the bearing's outer cover fly off. Bearing didn't budge, though. Without the cover, grease just splats on your face. Wound up trashing an old crappy pilot bearing puller with a screwdriver jammed in there, but it came out.
as you can see, the pilot bearing was a PITA to get out, nothing work for me, biut sounds like youve got alot of good ideas here, good luck!!

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