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Nov 5, 2006
The PO of my FZJ80 installed a pair of big PIAA's. The installation has a "3-way" toggle switch that "turns on" the PIAA light switch. (I assume it is a 3-way, because center is off, "down" activates the PIAA switch, "up" does nothing so I assume "up" is just not being used).

Then the PIAA's themselves have a 3-way switch with center being "off", and up is "hi", and down is "low".

Once the PIAA system is switch on, the first toggle remains “ON”, but the other toggle is switched back & forth between high & low. The whole system is rather cumbersome to operating, especially in conjunction with the high/lo of the headlights.

Is it possible to wire the PIAA system so that if it is desired, the PIAA’s are switched “on”, then wire the high/low to the headlights? So the PIAA’s switch back and forth with the head lights using the headlight controls?
Dec 9, 2006
Centennial, CO
You would have to get a relay that allows resistance, I'm not sure what its called, but one similar if not the same to the factory headlight relay. Then tap into the high/low wires from the steering wheel lever, and connect them to the control (s?) of the relay. Wire up the lights and a ground to the relay. Then take power from accesories, to a toggle switch, then to the power input on the relay, therefore the toggle would be the "master switch" and when turned on the lever controls the brightness of the PIAAs. I'm not exactly sure if you can get a relay like that, but if you can that should work. Correct me if I'm wrong
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