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Apr 24, 2014
overland park, ks
Hey everyone.

For those of you that know us, Rachael and I are in the beginning, temporary process of divorce. Though it is a time of great grief, we are working together to see if we can rebuild. Please pray for both of us.

She and the kids will of course stay in our home. So I am searching for a new place for the next 6-9 months at least.

I am finding that divorce budgets by the KS courts simply do not leave enough for either side, so am asking you all, my other family, if you could network for me.

My best case scenario would be to find someone with a basement apartment in their home that they are looking to rent. I will of course look at a roommate situation in a home as well. Rachael and I are working through this completely amicably, so most visits with the kids will be at my house, so I just need a space large enough for me. Furnished would be great, but not necessary. They would have to be okay with my beat up rig being parked outside too!

Budget I am seeking is $500 per month, including utilities. Not going to make anyone rich, but hoping someone here, or someone you know, has something like this available.

I am fine with background check, credit check, etc. No issues there.

You are welcome to reach me here, or respond publicly on this post, or reach me on my cell.

Thank you TAC family. I love you all.

Mike Culpepper
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