Passenger second row seat stuck

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Mar 20, 2015
looks like the dealer closed the passenger side back seat down on top of the fabric straps that hold the back seat up when they are folded up. I cannot crank down any harder on the lever w/o breaking the handle, nor can I pull the strap out. Any ideas on how I can get it to release? It the side I'd use to get people into the 3rd row, so it's important to me to get it to work.
Instead of "cranking down" on the lever, try pulling up :confused:
I tried both up and down. Any further pressure and I believe I’ll break the leaver. I believe the catch is jammed by the tie down straps
I got it working. I gently pulled up in the seat itself and depressed the leaver. When I raised it, I dry lubed the latch device. It seems to work quite well now.

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