Partner Steel Stretcher Table

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Dec 7, 2007
Raccoon City
Do any of you guys have the Partner Steel Stretcher Table?

I'm looking at it as a possibility for a camp table. I am going to be fabbing my own roof rack once I finish some other stuff so adding the option of storing this under the rack in between some rails would be feasible.

I like the size, its pretty big, also the fact that it can be used as a stretcher in case of emergency. Just looking for some reviews of anyone that's got one or used one.

It weighs a lot to be used as a stretcher at 34 pounds. It's a good idea though, and if it could be made lighter, I would be interested in buying one.
yes, they do seem a bit heavy, roughly twice the weight of a standard US stretcher, they do make some collapsible stretchers that weigh around 12 pounds but they are expensive. For use as a table i'm thinkin that this is going to be pretty stout, so it should hold a bit of weight. For dual usage as both a table and stretcher i think the weight is acceptable.

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