parting out 1985 fj62

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Oct 4, 2004
Grand Junction Colorado
United States
parting out 1988 fj62

Here is a 1985 fj62 that I am parting out...these are some parts I listed, but feel free to ask if you find something you want that I did not list. The engine and transmission/transfercase are not for sale, either are the axles, but everything else is. The prices are pretty firm, but make me an offer if you want something. The buyer pays shipping. I am located in Grand Junction Colorado 81505. I have pictures of many of the items and will send them over email. Paypal preferred.

Interior Parts Gray interior

Part price

Rear seat back with head rests 80
Rear seat bottom small tear and couple 75
Rear kick panel Passenger 15
Rear kick panel Driver 15
Rear Pillar plastic set 25
Headliner minor stains 75
Passenger Front door panel 20
Passenger rear door panel small tear 15
Driver front door panel 20
Driver rear door panel 25
Passenger front seat minor stains no tears 60
Rear back seat with head rests 75
Rear seat bottom small tear in back everything else 50
looks good
Grab Handels tan 5 each
Sun Visors 10
Rear View Mirror 10
Dash Board 125
Miscellaneous switches 5 each
Instument cluster 161,683 miles 40
Steering wheel 25
Steering wheel column covers no cracks 20
Center Console with cup holders 35
Center Console with cup holders 35
Seat Belt set some stains 40
Door trim set perfect cond 25
Door kick guard set of 4 15
Dome light Lens burned 5
Rear dome light 10

Exterior Parts (Red)

Part Price

Rear top Hatch with glass some dents 45
Passenger Front door small dings-with glass 100
Driver Front door small dings- with glass 75
Driver rear door small dings- with glass 75
Driver Fender possibly a FJ60 fender?? 75
Passenger Fender small dents FJ60 ??? 20
Headlight bezels with headlights 60
Front Grill painted black 30
Hood 70
Front Windshield no cracks 65
Front turn signals 10
Parking light set aka marker lights 25
LandCruiser emblems (2) 10
Rear Vents Good- 2 sets 10
Front fender vents painted black 10
Gas Door 10
Gas Door 10
Driver Tail Light 20
Front spoiler 20


Part Price

Master Cylinder with booster 60
Winshield wiper motor 20
Steering Box 150
Transmission shifter nofactory handel Automatic 75
Transmission shifter stock Automatic 75
Rear Driveline 50

Misc Parts

Part Price

Hood Hinges 10
Hood Hinges 10
Charcoal canister 15

Thanks for Looking :)
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might wanna check b/c they didnt make a 85 fj62. Is it a 60? Or is it newer and a 62?
Need the cable that goes from the dash (just right of the wheel) to the gas peddle and peddle


#6, 160 and #7

Thanks Chris
Pm sent. I'm interested in the landcruiser emblems, and possibly fender.
By hood hinges do you mean the spring loaded hinge? if so I'll take a pair.
parting out 1988 fj62

Need the wheels do you have all five, If so what kind of shape are they in, are they rusty, bent , Do you have the center caps? How much?

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