Parting 83 Toy truck Marlin doubler locked axles

Discussion in 'Classifieds - Parts' started by shmukster, Aug 27, 2006.

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    Apr 20, 2003
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    Recently bought a rock crawler that needs more TLC than I originally thought it would. I see that I don't have the time necessary to get this truck road ready so I'm gonna part it out. I'm located near both Paragon and Rausch Creek (outside of Tamaqua), best way to contact me is email at home or call before 8PM 570-668-2489 eastern time. There's some good parts on this truck, prices are fair and firm. I really don't want to ship anything if I can avoid it, these are for the most part big items. Don't ask about body parts- nothing good on this baby. I have posted this on a few different lists so mention where you saw the ad when you respond. Shmukster Here's the list:

    5 speed transmission, Marlin 4.7 dual case and regular transfer case. Gives quite the gear reduction!!!!! The shifter on the tranny needs a new bushing at the bottom of the rod it's very vague but all gears are there. $600 for the works.

    Front and back rears sold as a pair for $500. They have 4.88 gears and Lockrites front and back. Front of course has disc brakes.

    Weber street lethal carburetor and K&N filter. Linkage included. Starts with some pumping (no choke) and works well when up to temperature. Great off camber or steep uphill/downhill. $110

    PS box, reservoir, and pump/bracket. Pressure hose included, too for $110.

    Set of four 35 x 12.50 BFG mud terrains on what appear to be 8" wheels. These have about 3/4 tread left, have some wheeling scars but are in overall good shape and hold air!!!!! $350 the set and I can throw in a 35" All terain spare on wheel.

    Front double cardan driveshaft (the real flexy one) $65

    Ramsey winch with controller works fine. Has cables to go with it, too. $350

    Got some spares with the truck will sell them here, too.

    Birfield with long side axle $45 One complete Aisin hub for solid axle truck $30

    Four inch lift springs front and back set of four $75

    22R engine not the quitest engine in town. Does not overheat at all. Complete with starter and alternator no carb (see above) $75

    Exhaust system- complete from header to tailpipe no leaks. Not new but a complete exhaust system $75

    Frame- good condition no repairs some very minor mods up front $100
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    Aug 3, 2006
    Lincoln, NE
    wish i lived closer (within reason of driving)
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