Parking drum measurement?

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Aug 9, 2005
Cary, NC
Long shot, but wondering if anyone has a FJ40 parking drum laying around and a caliper big enough to get an exact measurement? I'm looking for the diameter of the "main bell". There is a flat surface that is ~3/8 bigger, but I need that inside measurement.


I'm looking to get a toothed wheel cut that will fit over the smaller diameter section and sit flush against that lip. I'm hoping for something close to a press fit so I can just tack it in a few places. I'm going to use this for a speed sensor to feed my Holley ECU.

:beer: Ramon
Do you mean inside the drum or this measurement?

Drum 1.jpeg
Exactly that one!!
6-3/4" is as accurate as I can get with the steamfitter calipers. Pic is off to the side, but sighting straight on it's right on the center of the 6-3/4" line.
Drum 2.jpg

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