Parking brake operation?

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Feb 23, 2006
NE Texas
I just noticed a new spot under my 94 FZJ80. There is brake fluid dripping from under the brake line union on the drivers side rear. The fluid is not coming from the union but from what appears to be the parking brake cable attached to the bottom of the union. There is a rubber boot with a cable coming out of it (it is getting dark so I couldn't tell for sure) and the fluid is dripping out of the rubber boot. Any idea what this could be? Is the parking brake hydraulic?
could that cable actually be a solid rod that curves over to the axle? the boot that is leaking is mounted up on the truck and not the axle itself?

if so you are looking at the Load Sensing Proportioning valve, or often called LSPV here, it controls the ratio of front to rear brake pressure based on the weight (or more accurately position) on the rear axle,

If it is leaking brake fluid out the rubber boot then the LSPV needs to be replaced, the boot is just a dust cover, the actually source of leak will be under that boot

yes the parking brake is cable operated no fluid used, it travels down the center of the truck but not that far from where I think you are looking.
I haven't crawled under there this morning yet, but I bet that is it, I need to call the dealer today and get a new one before I tear into it.
Thanks - Rusty
It could be that your bleed valve worked it's way loose.

Pop off that rubber cover and use a wrench to gently tighten it. It doesn't take much force to close it, and you can easily strip it or cause it to leak. Speaking of which....could be last person who bled the brakes tightened it down too much.

If it's just the valve, I'd try some teflon tape around the threads to see if that closes it up enough. Even if you decide to get a new LSPV, it could get you by long enough for you to order something from cdan (much cheaper than the stealership).
If you are not at factory ride height (lifted), and the bleeder isn't loose, you may want to consider swapping out the LSVP for a manual proportioning valve. It would be a heck of a lot cheaper, and enables you to control your proportioning on your own. This is often done in hot rods and crawlers.

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