palm to face moment...

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Mar 27, 2013
PHoenix, AZ
after driving my 91 LC (and smashing it a bit) my friend liked it so much he bought his own! a lovely 95 with lockers, OME lift, new BFG's, ARB front with winch, and new paint...all at a healthy sum. yesterday he had a custom stereo system installed. today he drove it over to buy a new Z4, when trying to leave the dealership, his LC wouldn't start; lights on dash OK, no crank. He called a tow truck then texted me. I suggested a few things, then asked if he tried both P and N...maybe the switch was misaligned. He said it started right up after he put it in P...since he left it in D.

just had to share.
The way you described it...... More $$$ than brains? I wish I had that problem. My brain keeps getting in the way of $$$.
This is the first automatic I've owned in over 30 years. Yeah, I still do that.


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