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Mar 15, 2006
Ok this has probable been mentioned before but have had trouble finding any topics on it. I've been slowly doing up a 73' FJ45 and have been attacking the chassis with a wire brush and sand paper. Problem is internaly i have no way of getting to the rust. I dont want to pull the cab off but at the same time i dont want to be just painting rust. is there a solution that can be sprayed on or do i try and sand blast? Any advise would be great. Cheers
Feb 28, 2005
for rust that that is inside of the frame I think a good oil would be the best thing to use, applied annually I've had really good luck with Krown....

Also they send you a reminder every year to come in for a re spray and they spend a good our making sure everything is oiled....

I realize it is a little messy, but honestly unless you are taking the cab off blasting and painting, I think oil is the way to go to stop or slow the rust...

just my opinion
Dec 7, 2004
Eastern PA.
I had more mud then rust in my frame. I pressure washed the frame after I pulled the body and sprayed around in all the frame holes. Then I had to use an air gun to blow the water out. I gave it a few days to dry and then sprayed Por15 into the frame, flipped it over and sprayed it again. The one thing about Por15 is I had to run a tap into every bolt hole on the frame to clear the paint so I wouldn't break a bolt.


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