P.O. Heater line mod

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Jan 5, 2005
Rogersville, Mo.
Looking for a reason why the PO split the heater line coming from the top of the block next to the carb so that it is also pulling coolant from the clean out spot on the lower part of the engine. You can see the y fitting behind the clear hose on the pic. I will pull inside in a bit and get better shot. Most or all f motors i have seen have the line coming out of the head going into the heater. This truck is pulling fluid from the head and the rear bottom of the block. ( i assume pulling as my thought was that coolant flows from here to the heater.
In my experience the number four & five cylinder are getting heat trapped at the top of the head.... the valves begin clattering until you open the heater valve

When I recently Remove my head and replace the gasket etc. I also found scoring in the four and five cylinders, Not horrible but it was noticeable on a basic inspection upon my mild to rebuild I bypassed the heater valve shut off and just routed the hoses straight down to the radiator with a couple extra brass T fittings

This routing, along with getting the head completely cleaned up has alleviated the hot spot (Maybe no one agrees with me but I believe a whole bunch of LC heads get warped due to this hotspot

I drive my truck WAY too hard all the time I get behind the wheel so this bypass has worked for me...& that’s me .02

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